Are you ready to take your lettings business to the next level?
Want to LEARN the building blocks to GROWING your Letting Agency business?
(without working harder)
Our Legendary Bootcamp has been helping agents add 6 and 7 figures to their letting agency businesses for 7 years now, coaching over 600 agents so far, who went on to add over £62,000,000 in additional revenue as a result.
The secret to large scale agency growth is to have a plan, take action and make it happen to achieve fast results. But what can you change when you feel like you have tried everything? 
In 2016 I was ARLA Vice President and travelling the country speaking to thousands of letting agents who all said the same thing… "We’re not making enough money, landlord leads are declining, we're too busy and don’t know what to do to get growing and profitable again."
That’s why I started to pull together techniques from the top businesses in the world, by researching and learning and testing different strategies and the results have been amazing.
Since 2016 we have launched numerous marketing techniques that have generated over 100,000's leads for agents so far, we have launched strategies that add 6 and 7 figures in revenue (and in the main, straight profit) without even getting a single extra landlord. We've helped agents build more robust agencies by adding additional services, multiple product verticals, upsells and down sells. 
Over 600 agents have been coached through Bootcamp, resulting in
£62,000,000 additional revenue
Generated by those agents which changed their lives as a result!
If you’ve felt like you could or should be doing more, or that you haven’t yet got the business you always dreamed of, then maybe it’s time for an overhaul to give yourself the best chance of creating the business you’ve always dreamed of!
To optimise your agency, you need to understand the building blocks that make up revenue and profit, and during bootcamp, we will cover over 16 strategies, including:
  •  How to add £100k minimum to your business
  • How to remove yourself from the day-to-day running of the business
  • ​How to optimise and squeeze every element of your business
  • ​How to add over 16 additional services
  • ​How to work out where you are making your money and where you are losing it
  • ​How to add additional verticals of product offerings to your business
  • ​How to acquire the competition (without using your own cash)
  • ​How to manage your team and make them accountable for success
Maybe you feel like:
I’ve tried everything... 
You may well have tried everything everyone else is doing and feel there is nothing else to try… 
Look, it’s not your fault that the business is not making enough money, if you’re doing what everyone else is doing, the problem is the model is out of date…
You may have copied a flawed system (most have). But we can change that!
I can’t increase my prices!
Many feel that’s the only answer is to increase fees, and of course this will help, but you can’t just simply whack up your prices and expect your landlords to accept it. There are a lot more things you can do, the key thing now is to restructure the business, build for profit and success and think outside the box (be different and offer more). 
It just isn’t working!
The model for agency hasn’t changed since 1990 (when I started trading), most agents still offer Lettings and management (and maybe sales). Most don’t have fully built marketing strategies and money is being left on the table at a huge scale, there is so much more agents can offer their clients!
Here’s the results of 3 agents that came to Bootcamp and made changes. Check out the results they achieved and how fast too!

Brian Linehan - Belvior Southampton

• By attending Bootcamp, Brian added £103,000 in just 6 weeks!

Sean Porter - Porters Estate Agents Balham

• By attending Bootcamp, Sean added £160,000 in less than 2 months.

Melissa & Debra Austin - Suttons Estates

• By attending Bootcamp, Melissa and Debra Austin added £240,000 revenue in just 1 year to their small agency.
Plus, by attending Bootcamp you will also get: 
• A manual 3-inches thick of guides, handbooks, step-by-step processes, walk-throughs and much more to take away with you.

• A complete 4-year business plan mapped out with you for your business, along with the knowledge of exactly what you need to do to get there.

• A community -  Once you have been on Bootcamp, you become part of the Agent Rainmaker Community and will have fellow agents to talk with, share ideas and progress with. Many claim they make lifelong friends!

• A completely new, motivated mindset with the knowledge that there is always something you can do and you will be dying to get back to the office to implement it fast!
But more importantly you will know for sure: 
• Exactly why you are not making enough money (and what to do about it).
• Where your time is going (and how to reduce the workload) many say by 50% post Bootcamp.
• How to recruit the best team members and keep them accountable.
• How to implement additional services, upsells and down sells that you can add to your business with no extra work.
• How to turn your team (with their new-found time) into a sales team that generates business for you.
And much more!
Ready to take your business to the next level?
The Bootcamp is a 4-day residential workshop, designed exclusively for Letting Agents that want to grow… 
EVERY Letting Agent should attend this workshop at least once in their career.
We know you will learn how to add revenue. In fact, we guarantee it.
If we don’t show you how to add more revenue that covers the cost of the course by the end of day 1, you can leave, and we will give you your money back.
So, what now? Simply click on the button and enter your details, then you will hear the case studies of the real life agents sharing how they have transformed their businesses!
After that you will be given the option to book a call in with one of my team to discuss you attending one of our next Bootcamps.
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